running around and around and around

Its been two weeks since my last post about running. It was a hard couple of weeks as far as the running went. The first week I was sick BUT i only missed one short run. Did a 4 mile run on the weekend and was happy. Then last week was terrible!! I got new shoes that I was soooo excited for because they were a snazzy color. but after running in them for a few days it was clear they were doing me harm. It actually hurt to run! And I love Zappos, but you cant return shoes if you have worn them out and about so now I have to keep them. I went to REI and got some new shoes. I went for a 5 mile run on sunday and finished in 61 minutes. Very please with that time. It was pain free. I have never had trouble with my shoes, but man this was terrible. but its over now and now I can see myself finishing the Seattle Half Marathon. Now I can work on building my endurance again, and little by little getting faster.

I am a morning runner!

I would have to say that for the majority of my life I have not been what you would call a “Morning Person” unless that “Morning happened to occur after midnight. However in the recent months I have come to the conclusion that in order to do all of the things I want to do I have to start getting going ALOT earlier in the day.

Since Baby Bot was born I lost weight and got back in to my cute jeans. That weight then promptly found me and has not let me be for a while now. My last post on this blog was about how much racing I had done during the summer before this one. This last summer I was burned out. I was stubborn and didn’t want to spend my time training because I felt like it would take me away from this amazing time when Baby Bot is just a sponge for experiences. But really I think that was an excuse that I was using. Maybe I didn’t know how to make it all happen or I wasn’t ready yet. Upon reflection I find that I do miss the racing and the training. And I found that as the summer wore on that I was annoyed with myself for gaining this weight back. When I weighed in at the same weight that I was when I was 9 months pregnant that was pretty much the last ridiculous straw. No more excuses.

I have gotten back in to weight watchers and I know that exercise, consistent, come home sweaty, exercise needs to be part of the plan. During one of our meetings we were talking about believing in the program and in our selves. This time around in the WW I am having the issue of knowing the program works when you follow the guidelines/rules, but getting myself into that head space to really want it has been another thing. Also until about a week ago I had not really stopped to think that this new part of my life, being a mother and having this amazing kid running around was really something that would have to change how I go about weight loss.

So step 1 -start running. -Check! I have signed up for the Seattle Marathon. In order to get all my training in (consistently) I have realized that it has to happen in the morning before the Baby Bot gets going. Last week I started running in the morning. And it really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. The alarm goes off at 5am and, since i have been charging my phone in kitchen, I HAVE to jump out of bed and turn it off. I have been setting up my clothes for my run in kitchen next to my phone. I have been able to get out by 5:30, though as the runs get a little longer I will have to get out earlier. This mornings run was a few minutes faster than last tuesdays run so that tells me that A) I am getting used to the morning, and B) I am actually improving. Yay!

So here is to making life changes, even if they do come later in life. :)

A summer of racing fun

Today I completed the portland Triathlon for the second time. It was a hard fought finish, but a finish none the less . (I have the finisher shirt to prove it!)
This was my second tri oth the season and my seond tri as a mommy. This summer I ran in 4 races by myself d then we did the West Seattle 5K as a family.
I would say tat this officially makes me a racing mama. I do have to admit though that part of me thinks that I over committed myself. but the other part of me, the part tht reminds myself that in febrary my right foot hardly works says fuckit! your foot didnt work and you are a new mom and look at what you did!!.

I think my favorite part about today was seeing my family at the transition points Its hard to disribe how it felt to have them cheering me on especially today when it was just a fight with myself some times to keep going.

Thank you Mario, my mom,my sister, and Diego.

So now i take a break, try to start doing some regular jogging again. Put that fancy Bob stroller to good use. I think that for next year I want to focus on triathlons during the summer and early fall and then think aout a marathon in the late fall or winter. I will have to see about time and finances.
oh and of course i am sure if I whip up some awesome racing outfits my time will be better. of course.